Agriculture Processing Pipeline Documentation

This documentation covers technical information on setting up, configuring, and running the pipeline. This includes information on creating new transformers that are not templates.

Additional information on our Data Science group can be found on our University of Arizona site and on OSF.

Transformer usage

The term transformer refers to a algorithm that takes source data files and performs an action on the data. These actions can be transforming the source data, or calculating one or more values from it. Transformers can work with RGB, LAS, hyper-spectral, and other data types.

Template Transformer usage

To assist in the development of transformers, template transformers repositories are provided with the intent of simplifying the development of new algorithms. Template transformer’s repository names start with template. Each template transformer repository has a document that provides details on how to use the that template. Links to technical and HOW TO documentation are provided in the section below. Note that not all transformers repositories will have HOW TO documentation, only the template ones.

If you are finding problems with the documentation, or have requests or ideas on how to improve the documentation, please create an issue so that we can work on it.

Documentation links


Before reading about specific transformers, it is helpful to be familiar with the conceptual basis for these transformers. Specifically Environmental and Algorithm concepts.

Below you can find links for specific transformers, including template transformers.

Transformer name Technical link How To link Comments
template-rgb-plot Technical How To Code template for new Algorithms
template-lidar-plot Technical How To Code template for new Algorithms